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At, we have simplified the process involved in acquiring insurance. There is no need to sit on your phone for hours, waiting for an agent to sort through your information before receiving your policy.

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Although is made up of an experienced team of brokers, we truly believe in operating our business through the lens of our customers. Having been clients ourselves in the past, going through this process, we have come to truly understand what matters the most. Because of this, we can promise you:

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We pride ourselves in our ability to provide innovative services while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to your unique situation. What makes us so unique?


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Income protection plans ensure a secured income so that your family remains financially secure at al...

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“Seamless insurance policy service and great UI for the website!! Definitely Recommended!”

Gurmeet Shergill

“Very nice person , gave me very cheap insurance for car. Surely, I will recommend him to my friends.”


“Provided very good rates than others”

Mr Grewal

“Very cheap insurance. I doubt if you can get that cheap insurance from anywhere else.”


“Not only helped me with the insurance but also answered other questions. I really appreciate the help.”

Ranjit Saggu

“Well known and professional services, allow you to compare price and give you the best offer. 🙂 Must go for it ☺️


“Loved the work done by Manjot Singh, a very humble and honest person, who listens to every single problem and helps solve it.”

Gurpreet Randhawa

Spoke to Manjot the other day and He is very knowledgeable and exceptionally helpful !! I would highly recommend you to contact him if you are looking for any kind of insurance services.


“Trustworthy and reliable service. Manjot is always there to guide and answer any queries.”

Arminder Singh

“Loved the work done by Manjot Singh, a very humble and honest person, who listens to every single problem and helps solve it.”


“Great experience. Was really nice talking to Manjot, even explained different factors that other brokers would forget or wont bother.”

Sandeep Singh

“Excellent customer service. Assisted me in applying provincial medical coverage and helped me with the other inquiries.”


“Very good experience.Happy with this.As Manjot guided very well.Helpful people😍.”

Gurpreet Singh

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Have questions? Search our FAQ page for the answers to our most-askedquestions. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, simply give us a call! We would be happy to help you out.

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All international students must have medical insurance for themselves and their accompanying dependents and must always keep this insurance valid for the duration of their education in Quebec. If you are not provided insurance from your college/university, you could buy it privately at or any licensed company. Check out the Quebec Immigration website,, for more information.

Visit RAMQ (Régie de l’assurancemaladie du Quebec) at and check the eligibility conditions for health insurance. You can evaluate your eligibility online through their website at learn more on how to apply for RAMQ coverage.

Your health insurance coverage starts after the 90 days of your registration with RAMQ. This waiting period applies even if you are a permanent resident or Canadian Citizen. RAMQ recommends that you take out personal health insurance for this duration to cover your medical expenses. During these 90 days, you are not covered for any medical expenses except in few special scenarios which are mentioned on the registration letter that you obtain after applying to RAMQ.

A waiting period may apply to you if your existing/prior insurance has already expired, or if you are purchasing insurance after your arrival in the visiting country. The waiting period can last for up to 7 days depending upon the insurance company. During this waiting period, there are certain limitations and exclusions to the policy.Contact your agent for more information.

The pre-existing condition coverage option covers you for existing medical conditions that have remained stable during the last 90,120 or 180 days. This period depends upon the insurance policy that you purchased. There should be no change in your health during this time, to be covered by your insurance policy.

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