Visit RAMQ (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Quebec) ( and check the eligibility conditions for health insurance. You can evaluate your eligibility online on their website at and find out more information on how to apply for RAMQ coverage.

Your health insurance coverage starts after the 90 days of your registration with RAMQ. This waiting period applies even if you are a permanent resident or Canadian Citizen. RAMQ recommends that you take out personal health insurance for this duration to cover your medical expenses. During these 90 days, you are not covered for any medical expenses except in few special scenarios which are mentioned on the registration letter that you obtain after applying to RAMQ.

Waiting period may apply to you when your existing/last insurance is already expired, or you are purchasing insurance after your arrival in the visiting country. Waiting period can be up to 7 days depending on the insurance company. During this waiting period, there are certain limitations and exclusions to the policy, contact your agent to know more.

Pre-existing conditions coverage option covers you for existing medical conditions that are stable from last 90,120 or 180 days, this period depends on the insurance policy you purchased. There should be no change in your health during this duration, to be covered by your insurance policy.

All international students must have medical insurance for themselves and their accompanying dependents and to always have this insurance valid during your education. If you are not provided insurance from your college/university, you should buy it privately at or any licensed company. Check Quebec Immigration website( for more information.

Most companies now cover Covid-19 just like any other claim if you fulfilled the eligibility requirements at the time of purchase. However, be sure to confirm this with your agent or check online while making a purchase on the website.

The Super Visa medical insurance should have: -Minimum $100,000 Coverage. -Be valid for at least one year from the date of arrival. -Proof that the insurance is paid.

Most companies offer monthly plan payment options on Super Visa medical insurance. You are required to pay 2 or 3 months of premium plus the admin fee of the company. Then the monthly payments start from the day the insured(s) arrive.

You may be eligible for a partial or full refund under the following situations: -If your Visa is refused. -If you return to your country of origin before your stay ends. -If you become eligible under any Provincial Medical Coverage plan.

You will be asked for “Intended date of Arrival” in your Visa application form. You should have the same date for insurance as well, know that the insurance date can always be adjusted accordingly when the trip has been finalized.

Childbirth is excluded, or it is optional under International Students policy. If you are not sure that your insurance covers pregnancy or not, you can consult the policy wording document which explain in detail about the chosen coverage. You can also contact your broker/agent to confirm or if you have any questions related to it.

You should at least get $100,000 of medical coverage. Although the medical coverage amount is optional except under Super Visa insurance.

You should contact your Claims Assistance company, the contact number is usually given in the email or the confirmation of coverage document. General procedure includes, opening a claim by calling or sending an email to the assistance company. Then you are guided to fill the claim forms and send the original receipts or invoices by mail or email. Most companies are moving towards online claim filing procedures to reduce transit time and to provide faster access to claims.

You should always confirm this by contacting the claims department of the insurance company. Many insurance companies have direct agreements with local clinics, where an insured can go and get the medical assistance. Insured(s) can seek medical assistance at any clinic or a hospital which is certified/ licensed in providing such medical services, be sure to open a claim first with your insurance company.

Demerit points remain on your record for 2 years from the day of your conviction. The conviction day is either the day when the ticket is issued or the day when the decision is made by the court.

A deductible is an amount that you choose when purchasing an insurance policy, which you agree to pay at the time of a claim. Deductible will be applied or not can depend on the situation, or type of the claim.

Your insurance certificate from your policy will have a 24/7 contact number in case of an accident or claims. You should either call the number and file the claim or contact your broker to get help with your claim.